Why We Called

CLEAR INSIGHTS IS NOT A TELEMARKETING COMPANY, we conduct market research which is exempt from the FTC legislation regarding the Do Not Call Registry.

Your opinions are important. We are calling to provide you the opportunity to have your voice heard. 

Still not sure why you received a call? Here are some frequently asked questions.

Isn’t there a law that says you can’t call me?

The FTC’s Do Not Call Registry was established to regulate the practices of the telemarketing industry. Most market research studies are exempt from this law. You will only receive a call from us for research purposes. Your opinions matter, and we want to speak with you.


Can I report you if I’m on the do-not-call list?

Market research studies have been exempt, by congress, from the regulations of the do-not-call list. We are permitted to call your household for the purpose of conducting market research projects.


How are you different than a telemarketer?

Our call is for the purpose of collecting your opinion and responses about products, services, and and other information. We will not attempt to sell you something or influence your responses.


My phone number is not listed, how did you get my information?

In order to ensure we receive a representative sample of a population, methods such as “random digit dialing” can be used.


How can I be taken off your call list?

We recognize that even though our call is completely legal, that not everyone may want to participate. If you do not wish to receive any more calls, simply tell the agent that you would like to be added to the Do Not Call List, and you will not receive any additional calls for that study.

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